Conditions of Sale

In these Terms and Conditions of Sale, ‘Cash’ includes cash, cheques, credit or debit cards and any other form of payment approved by the Company; ‘The Company’ means Aluhome Ltd; ‘The Customer’ means the person, firm or company who enters into the contract to purchase Goods;

‘The Goods’ means the goods and services which the Company is to supply to the Customer.

‘The Bespoke Products’ means Aluminium Bifolding Doors, Aluminium Windows, Aluminium Residential Door products, Aluminium Entrance Doors, PVCu Vertical Sliding Windows, PVCu Residence Windows (R9), Skylights/Lantern Roofs, Hardwood Design Products, Glass Balustrades.

The Company’s products and the Goods are only suitable and intended for use in the “Serviced Regions”. UK & Ireland. Please discuss your requirements with us before ordering Goods. The profile products and Goods should not be used or resold for use outside the Serviced Regions. See Warranties and excluded warranties in clause 13.


Any contract made with the Company is subject to these terms unless these terms are excluded or varied by express written agreement made by the Company & Customer. In particular, the Customer shall offer to order the goods from the Company upon these terms and any conflicting terms of business of the Customer shall have no effect.

By placing an order, the Customer warrants that the Customer is legally capable of entering into a binding contract.

All products Quoted/Orders Purchased from the company are viewed for design purposes STRICTLY from an OUTSIDE perspective. Meaning the EXTERNAL view is the only design referencing point if there is ever a design question arising from an incorrectly item being Quoted/Ordered Purchased.

It is solely the customers principal responsibility to check that the Quotation/Orders Purchased is correct as required. Specifically, making sure that the orientation or direction of travel required meets their expectations as designed. All incorrectly Quoted/Orders Purchased can be changed (subject to the relevant lead time restraints and replacement costs being applied) at the customers exclusive costs. The only exception to this condition is if the company agrees to make any contribution towards cost of change, exclusively at their discretion and absolute rite.

  1. PRICE

2.1 The Company reserves the right by giving notice to the Customer at any time before delivery, to increase the price of the Goods to reflect any increase in the costs to the Company which is due to any factor beyond the control of the Company including but not limited to increases in the cost of raw materials.

2.2 All prices are unless otherwise stated net of VAT ex works.

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506 3. TERMS OF PAYMENT

3.1 Subject to the prior written agreement of the Company in writing, orders for United Kingdom Customers without an account are accepted if:

(a) 50% of any order value to be paid on placing and signing of an order; then

(b) Full remaining balance to be paid strictly 3 working days before delivery and this must be cleared effects before any goods are released for delivery.

(c) The only exception to the full balance being paid 3 days before delivery, is in instances where the installation is to be phased with multiple dates tbc by alühome when completing its work. In these instances, it is solely alühome distraction.

(d) It should be noted that any balances left outstanding for more than 7 working days, will be subject to a compounding interest charge of 2.5% over base rate being applied to the principal balance left to pay. Said charge will be applied on a daily basis to the outstanding balance and this will have a compounding effect increasing on a daily basis until, the final payment to clear the balance has been made. There is no exception to the condition.

3.2 Ledger accounts (where applicable) are opened subject to approval of references and at the sole discretion of the Company. We will make a search with a credit reference agency, which will keep a record of that search and will share that information with other businesses. We may also make enquiries about the directors and or owners of the business with a credit reference agency. We will monitor and record information relating to your trade credit performance and such records will be made available to other organisations to assess applications for credit.

3.3 In the case of ledger accounts (where applicable) unless otherwise agreed by the Company in writing, the terms of payment shall be made (without deduction or set-off) within 28 days from initial invoice being raised in which the Goods were dispatched or would have been dispatched save for postponement otherwise than due to default on the part of the Company, but if default is made in the payment of any one invoice these credit terms shall cease to apply and the Customer will become immediately liable for all sums outstanding.

3.4 The Company shall be entitled to submit its invoice to ledger account customers with its delivery advice note or at any time thereafter save that where delivery has been postponed at the request of or by the default of the Customer then the Company may submit its invoice at any time after the Goods are ready for delivery or would have been ready for delivery or would have been ready in the ordinary course but for the request or default as aforesaid. These credit terms may be withdrawn or amended at the discretion of the Company at any time and without notice to the Customer.

3.5 No disputes arising under the contract, nor delays beyond the reasonable control of the Company shall interfere with prompt payment in full by the Customer.

3.6 The time for payment for the Goods or any instalment shall be of the essence. In the event of default in payment by the Customer the Company shall be entitled without prejudice to any other right or remedy to suspend all further deliveries on any contract or contracts between the Company and the Customer without notice and the Company reserves the right to claim interest pursuant to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 after as well as before judgement until payment in full is made.


All quotations are made, and all orders are accepted subject to the following conditions;

4.1 All conditions of the Customer or other terms conditions or warranties whatsoever are excluded from the contract or any variation thereof unless expressly accepted by the Company in writing.

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506 4.2 Quotations shall only be available for acceptance for a maximum period of 30 days from the date thereof and may be withdrawn by the Company within such period at any time by written or verbal notice

4.3 If any statement or representation upon which the Customer relies has been made to the Customer other than in the documents enclosed with the Company’s Order confirmation quotation or acknowledgement of order the Customer must set out that statement or representation in a document to be attached to or endorsed on the order in which case the Company may clarify the point and submit a new quotation.

4.4 Processing, construction and delivery times for Bespoke Products will vary according to the nature of the item/structure and a provisional time estimate will where possible be specified in the relevant order confirmation.

Delivery times will be extended in the case of UK bank holidays or statutory holidays and during the Christmas period.


5.1 If after the date of contract and before the date of delivery of the Goods, improvements are made in the design or specification of the Goods the Company may, on giving notice to the Customer, incorporate such improvements in the Goods sold to the Customer provided that:

(a) the performance and quality of the altered Goods are at least equal to those of the Goods ordered and

(b) no price variation is made except with your consent and

(c) delivery is not unreasonably delayed.

5.2 We shall not be obliged to make any alteration to the Goods ordered whether arising by reason of the amendment of the regulations of a competent authority made subsequent to the date of contract or otherwise.


6.1 Time for delivery is given as accurately as possible but is not guaranteed. The Customer shall have no right to damages or to cancel the order for failure for any cause to meet any delivery time stated. The Company allows a strict maximum of 30 minutes for each UK delivery, failing which you will not receive your order.

6.2 The date of delivery shall in every case be dependent upon prompt receipt of all necessary information final instructions or approvals from the Customer, changes in design specifications or quantities required may result in delay in delivery.

6.3 The Company will endeavour to comply with reasonable requests by the Customer for postponement of delivery but shall be under no obligation to do so.

When delivery is postponed otherwise than due to default by the Company the Customer shall pay all costs and expenses including a charge of 15% of the total value of the order for transportation and/or storage or restocking occasioned thereby, and the Company shall be entitled to invoice the Goods in accordance with these conditions.

The Company also reserves the right to levy a charge for labour costs incurred in cleaning and or repackaging returned Goods.

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506 6.4 Unless otherwise expressly agreed any packaging supplied by the Company is intended to be only sufficient to protect the Goods for all normal conditions of transit and for the normal period of transit only.

6.5 It is Company Policy that its driver does not leave the rear of his vehicle during unloading. Therefore, the Customer should provide assistance for off-loading, i.e., forklift or two able bodied persons.


7.1 Risk shall pass to the Customer so that the Customer is responsible for all loss and damage or deterioration to the Goods:

(a) if the Company delivers the Goods by its own transport at the time when the Goods or a relevant part thereof are unloaded at the place of delivery or if the Customer wrongfully fails to take delivery at the time the Company tendered delivery of the Goods;


(b) in all other circumstances at the time when the Goods or other part thereof leaves the premises of the Company whether or not the Company arranges transport.

7.2 Title in the Goods or any part thereof supplied hereunder shall not pass to the Customer until payment has been made in full and cleared funds received for:

(a) the Goods including any interest payable, and

(b) all other goods the subject of any other contract between the Company and the Customer which at the time of payment of the price of the Goods have been delivered to the Customer.

7.3 Before title has passed to the Customer under the terms of this clause and without prejudice to any of its other rights, the Company shall have the right to recover or resell the Goods or any of them and may enter upon the Customer’s premises by its servants or agents for that purpose and in respect thereof the Customer shall take all reasonable precautions to protect the Goods from damage or loss arising from any cause and shall indicate that the Goods are the property of the Company.

7.4 In the event of a sale of the Goods by the Customer in the ordinary course of its business to a third party the Customer shall assign to the Company in writing its rights to recover the selling price from the third party concerned if so, required by the Company.

7.5 As the insurable risk in the Goods shall pass to the Customer as soon as the materials are delivered to him or to his order and pending disposal the Customer shall keep the Goods insured in the amount of the price at which the Goods are sold to the Customer against all insurable risks.

7.6 If the Goods are destroyed by an insured risk prior to the same being paid for by the Customer, the Customer shall receive the proceeds of any such insurance as trustee for the Company.

7.7 In the event of the appointment of an administrator over the Customer or a receiver over any of the Customer’s assets then it is acknowledged that none of the Goods shall be sold or agreed to be sold by the administrator/receiver, without the Company’s prior written consent or (where relevant) a prior court order having been obtained.

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506 8. CARRIAGE

8.1 Deliveries shall be subject to a delivery charge if out of the companies 30-mile free delivery radios of its functioning head office. In such cases a delivery cost will be set and agreed at point of order being placed. Said delivery charge will be paid as per of Terms of Payment conditions as already set out in these Conditions of Sale.

8.2 In cases where special handling equipment is required to carry out the delivery / installation, an agreed price will be set out at point of order / post survey to ascertain access and said cost shall be agreed between parties and paid as per our Terms of Payment already set out in these Conditions of Sale – even if said delivery is within the 30 mile free delivery radios.

8.3 Unless otherwise specified prices quoted include delivery to destinations in the United Kingdom in which case the Company will select the mode of transport with due regard to urgency and cost. The entire cost of any other mode of transport to destinations in the United Kingdom which the Customer may specify e.g. passenger train, parcel post etc. shall be borne by the Customer. No allowance will be credited for Goods collected from the Company’s premises by the Customer.


No liability will be accepted regarding claims or complaints as to shortages or transport damage unless notified to the Company by telephone within 72 hours and confirmed in writing within 7 days. For the avoidance of doubt the Company has no liability for transport damage in relation to non-UK, ex works orders. Goods claimed to be defective must be returned immediately, and if it is agreed by the Company that the Goods are defective, the Goods will be replaced or repaired free of charge or at the option of the Company, allowed for credit, provided that such credit shall not exceed the value of our Goods as invoiced and provided that the Customer shall return the Goods in the same condition as they were supplied.


10.1 The Customer shall not be entitled to any claim in respect of any repairs or alterations undertaken by the Customer without the prior specific consent of the Company nor in respect of any defect arising by reason of fair wear and tear or damage due to misuse.

10.2 The Company shall not be liable for loss or damage suffered by reason of use of the Goods after the Customer becomes aware of a defect or after circumstances which would reasonably have indicated to the Customer the existence of a defect.

10.3 The Company may within 15 days of receiving such a written complaint (or 28 days where the Goods are situated outside the United Kingdom) inspect the Goods, the Customer if so, required by the Company shall take all steps necessary to enable the Company to do so.

10.4 In the case of export Goods for overseas destinations the Company accepts no liability for damage or loss after the Goods have been dispatched by the Company although the Company will arrange insurance against transit or other risks if instructed to do so by the Customer at the Customers cost.


11.1 The Company warrants that the Goods to be supplied consequent upon its acceptance of the Customer’s order will at the time of delivery be of satisfactory quality and in accordance with the specification.

11.2 Subject to any limitations on the Company’s liability contained elsewhere in these Conditions, the Company’s obligation under the warranty at paragraph 12.1 shall be (at the Company’s option) either:

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506 (a) to correct or repair or

(b) to replace free of charge, or

(c) to refund the Price

of any Goods which are shown to the Company’s satisfaction to have been defective at the time of delivery, provided that notice of such defect and satisfactory proof thereof is given by the Customer immediately after discovery and within 14 days from the date of delivery, except that where the alleged defect is a matter in relation to which the Company has provided a specific guarantee for a specified period, the claim must be made in accordance with and subject to the terms of the guarantee within the specified guarantee period. The Company’s said obligation pursuant to this sub condition shall apply only if the Customer shall on request return any such Goods to the Company for inspection at the Customer’s expense if requested to do so.


12.1 The Company warrants: –

that (provided that the products are used in the temperate geographic regions for which they are intended) it guarantees specific Aluminium products for a period of 20 years or 10 years on specific products as identified. Insulated Glass Sealed Units (IGU’s) are guaranteed for a period of 10 years and all Working mechanical parts and Hardware for a period of 5 years or unless otherwise stated by. All PVCu & Timber Products are guaranteed for a period of 10 Years or unless otherwise stated. However, in respect of Goods sold for use in the UK, in the event that such Goods are removed from the UK and used or installed outside the UK then no warranty or guarantee is given in relation to foils or profiles even if Goods are used or installed in the Serviced Regions.

The Company will (so far as it is legally able to do so) assign to the Customer the manufacturer’s guarantee (if any) on all Goods supplied by the Company and on all foils other than those set out above.

No warranty as to colour stability is given in relation to products which have been colour sprayed.

All warranties are subject to change if the principal manufacturer wishes to make changes to the published warranties and if the specific specification changes.

In relation to Goods which the Customer has informed the Company will be used outside the Serviced Regions no warranty is given as to colour stability, impact strength and shape retention other than as may be set out in an Annex to these terms duly signed on behalf of the Company.

In relation to spray finishes (wet or powder) on Goods no warranty is given in relation to colour stability, adhesion and wear if the Goods are used in a coastal environment (being within 1 mile of the coast). Unless specific Marine grade wet/powder coating has been applied. In these instances, the installation / supply address post code must be given for checking of viability for supply.

Such warranties as are provided under this condition 13 will apply to colour stability, impact strength and shape retention with regard to Aluminium Products.

Any Goods found to be defective under the terms of the warranty will be replaced and delivered free of charge to the premises of the Customer. The warranty is conditional on the material being handled, stored, maintained and applied in full compliance with any guidelines that are issued by the Company.

  1. Insulated Glass Sealed Units (IGU’s)
  2. This warranty applies to all sealed units supplied by the Company, subject to the conditions stated herein.

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506 2. If within ten years from the invoice date, through faulty manufacture, the unbroken sealed unit becomes visually obscured by condensation or dust collection within the unit the Company will: Supply a replacement sealed unit and, at our option, either install the new sealed unit, or accept the costs of removing the faulty sealed unit and installing the new one, provided those charges do not exceed those which the Company would have incurred for the same job.

  1. This warranty does not cover consequential damage or loss of whatever nature and howsoever arising whether from failure of the existing sealed unit, or from the de-glazing and the re-glazing of a replacement sealed unit, or otherwise.
  2. The acceptance by the Company of any claim under this warranty is conditional upon the Company’s representative being given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the unbroken sealed unit before it is de-glazed. If upon inspection by a Company representative, if is found that the sealed unit was not of faulty manufacture, a charge will be made for the cost of the inspection. If the claimant challenges the result of the inspection, a mutually acceptable independent inspector may be appointed, and subsequently all charges relating to both inspections will be paid: a) By the Company if the decision is in favour of the claimant. b) By the claimant if the decision is in favour of the Company.
  3. All replacement sealed units supplied will be on a “like for like” basis using standard components available at the time of construction. Should it be necessary to source the replacement sealed unit from another supplier, this warranty would not apply for those Goods.
  4. This warranty applies only to sealed units installed within the United Kingdom.
  5. The following are not covered by this warranty: a) Sealed units, which have been glazed incorrectly (including with silicon sealants) where the original contract was for supply only. For these purposes, a sealed unit will be deemed to have been incorrectly glazed if the method and manner of installation does not comply with the BS 6262 Code of Practice, glazing for buildings, or BS8000 workmanship on building sites Part 7 code of practice for glazing and their amendments, current at the date of installation. b) Sealed units used at altitudes over 800 metres, or where they have been transported over such elevation, unless the warranty has been specifically amended in writing to cover the relevant special application. c) Sealed units, which have not been maintained completely in accordance with the Company’s recommendations (a copy of which is available upon request) and/or any recommendations/methods of the glazing system manufacturer. d) Sealed units showing the optical phenomenon occasionally seen as interference colour bands, known as “Brewster’s Fringes” (e) minor imperfections, such as bubbles, blisters, hairlines, blobs, fine scratches or small pinpricks, which when viewed at 90 degrees in normal daylight and from 3 metres are not obvious. These imperfections are not considered to be defects.
  6. A claim is only valid when it is made in writing, in normal circumstances to the issuing location, or alternatively to the Registered office of the Company.
  7. This warranty extends to all sealed units purchased by the Company, whether or not they bear the BM Trada Quality Mark. This Quality Mark is not available for, or applicable to, all types of sealed unit.

No warranty is given that the installation of double glazing will reduce the incidence of condensation.

All supplier warranties are available on request.


14.1 No representation is made nor warranty given by the Company as to the suitability or fitness of the Goods for any particular purpose, and the Customer shall be responsible for ascertaining whether the Goods are suitable or fit for the Customer’s purpose.

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506 The Company shall be under no liability for any loss damage expense or liability incurred by the Customer or any third party as a result of the Goods not being suitable for a particular use.

14.2 Save as provided in this Condition 14 the Company’s liability in connection with the sale of the Goods to the Customer shall be as follows:

(a) in respect of physical damage to or loss of the Customer’s tangible property to the extent that it results from the wilful default or negligence of the Company, its employees, agents or contractors the Company’s liability shall be limited to the price of the Goods in respect of each incident or series of connected incidents;

(b) in respect of all other direct loss (whether in contract, tort, or otherwise) the Seller’s liability shall not exceed the price of the Goods; and

(c) in respect of any loss of profits, loss of goodwill or for any type of consequential, special or indirect loss or damage the Company’s liability shall be nil.

14.3 Nothing in these Conditions shall be deemed to exclude or restrict the Company’s liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or for death or personal injury resulting from the Company’s negligence, or any liability for breach of the Company’s implied undertaking as to title.

14.4 The Customer recognises that the limitation of liability contained in this clause is reasonable in that the prices quoted by the Company are dependent upon such limitation being incorporated in the Contract.


15.1 If the Company is prevented (directly or indirectly) from making delivery of any Goods by reason of force majeure (as hereinafter defined) the Company shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Customer nor shall the Company be deemed to be in breach of the Contract by reason of any delay in performing or failure to perform any of its obligations in relation to the Goods.

The Company shall have the right at its absolute discretion to allocate such deliveries as it is able to make, between deliveries pursuant to the Contract, and deliveries pursuant to any other contract with any third party.

15.2 The following shall be regarded as force majeure:

Act of God, explosion, flood, tempest, fire, accident, war, threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance, government requisition, acts, restrictions, regulations, bye-laws, prohibitions, or measures of any kind, on the part of any governmental, parliamentary, or local authority; import or export regulations, or embargoes, strikes, lock-outs, or other industrial actions, or trade disputes, shortages of raw materials, labour, fuel or parts of machinery, power failure, or breakdown in machinery, including tooling and die failure unavailability of the use of public or private telecommunications networks and any other cause whatsoever beyond the Company’ s reasonable control.


16.1 The Customer shall indemnify the Company on demand against any costs charges losses or expenses including legal fees which the Company may sustain or incur as a consequence of any failure by the Customer promptly and properly to perform its obligations hereunder.

16.2 The Customer shall indemnity the Company against any damages losses costs claims or expenses suffered or incurred by the Company in respect of any claim brought against the Company by any third party for any loss injury or damage wholly or partly caused by the Goods or the use or the use of any Container other than for storage of the Goods.

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506 Any loss injury or damage suffered as a result of a failure on the part of the Customer or any third party to use handle or deal with the Goods in a safe and proper manner and in accordance with all applicable regulations and all procedures recommended by the Company. Nothing in this clause will require the Customer to indemnify the Company against any liability to the extent that this arises as a result of the Company’s own negligence.


17.1 The Company shall be entitled without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, either to terminate wholly or in part the Contract or any or every other contract with the Customer or to suspend any further deliveries under the Contract or any or every other such contract in any of the following events.

(a) if any debt due and payable by the Customer to the Company is unpaid.

(b) if the Customer has failed to take delivery of any Goods under the Contract, or any other Contract as aforesaid otherwise than in accordance with the Customer’s contractual rights.

(c) if the Customer makes any voluntary arrangement with its creditors or (being an individual or firm) becomes bankrupt or (being a company) becomes subject to an administration order or goes into liquidation (otherwise than for the purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction); or an encumbrancer takes possession or a receiver is appointed, of any of the property or assets of the Customer; or the Customer ceases, or threatens to cease, to carry on business; or the Company reasonably apprehends that any of the events mentioned above is about to occur in relation to the Customer and notifies the Customer accordingly.

17.2 In addition to any right of lien that the Company may have the Company shall in any of the events described in paragraph 17.1(c) above have a general lien over all Goods sold and delivered by the Company to the Customer under the Contract or any other Contract.

17.3 Any implied right to sell the goods in the ordinary course of business shall terminate on the occurrence of any of the events listed in condition 17.1(c).


The Company will only agree to cancellation on condition that all costs and expenses incurred by the Company up to the time of cancellation and all loss of profits and other loss or damage resulting to the Company by reason of such cancellation will be paid forthwith by the Customer to the Company.


All drawings documents and other information supplied by the Company are supplied on the express understanding that copyright is reserved to the Company and that the Customer will not without the written consent of the Company either give away loan exhibit or sell any such drawings or extracts there from or copies thereof or use them in any way except in connection with the Goods in respect of which they are issued.


The supply of Goods by the Company shall not confer any right upon the Customer to use any of the Company’s trade marks (except in the re-sale of Goods in the packaging supplied by the Company); or any of the Company’s patents or design rights, and at all times such trademarks, patents, and design rights, shall remain the absolute property of the Company.

  1. DATA AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION (including Portal surveys and guidance)

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506 21.1 The information contained in the advertising sales and technical literature issued by the Company may be relied upon to be accurate in the exact circumstances in which it is expressed otherwise any illustrations performance details examples of installations and methods of assembly and all other technical data in such literature are based on experience and from trials under test conditions.

Accordingly, the information contained in the Company’s publications is provided for general guidance only and forms no part of the contract unless expressly agreed in writing. Customers should obtain specific recommendations and advice from the Company regarding the uses and attributes of the Company’s Goods.


22.1 No waiver by the Company of any breach of the Contract by the Customer shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision of this or any other contract.

22.2 If any of the provisions of these Conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions of these Conditions, and the remainder of the provision in question, shall not be affected thereby.

22.3 The Customer shall not assign or transfer any of its rights benefits or obligations under the Contract (save with the prior written consent of the Company).

22.4 The Contract shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with English Law, and the Customer hereby submits for all purposes of and in connection with the Contract, to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

22.5 Any notice or other communication to be given under this agreement shall be in the English language and may be delivered in writing by hand or sent by pre-paid first-class post or fax to the party to be served at that party’s registered office or last-known trading address and (in relation to the Company) marked for the attention of the ‘The General Manager’.

A notice shall be deemed to have been served, if by hand when delivered, if by facsimile when transmitted, and if by first class post 48 hours after posting.

22.6 The clause headings are for reference purposes only, and do not limit or otherwise affect the interpretation of the foregoing Conditions.

22.7 Each of the provisions contained in these Conditions shall be construed as separate and severable.

22.8 A person who is not a party to the contract has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these terms and conditions but this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from that Act.

aluhome ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 12642458 / VAT 354 800 506

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Jennifer JacksonJennifer Jackson
09:22 30 Jun 24
Thank you to Tim and your team for the great products you have supplied us to complete our extension. It was a pleasure dealing with your company. Tim’s product knowledge and advice was first class and a stress free experience. After our initial visit to the showroom in Stamford and discussion... with Tim , it was an easy decision to place the order for our roof lantern and patio doors with Aluhome, and we were not disappointed !We would highly recommend Aluhome and would most definitely use them again .read more
Geoff HammondGeoff Hammond
14:54 07 Jun 24
Very satisfied from the first showroom meeting to final fitment of Bi-folds. No hard sell, just helpful and happy to spend time with you . Full fitment in 1 day with very good fitters. Pleasure to do business with. Would highly recommend
william haleywilliam haley
15:42 29 May 24
Always very professional, responded to our questions about specifications and options. The outcome is a great looking house with a great deal more natural light than we had with the windows that came with the house, I would estimate that it allows about 30% more light into the house than... before.The installers were excellent and left the house clean and tidy after their effortless installation.The design of the window profiles is simple, clean and elegant with no frills just what we wanted.The triple glazing is much quieter than our previous double glazed windows.We are therefore extremely pleased with the outcome and have had many neighbours standing and staring at our new more
Peter WaitePeter Waite
13:32 23 May 24
The doors are great!!
Peter MolyneuxPeter Molyneux
12:14 22 May 24
In October we started on a complete renovation of a grade 2 listed property near Banbury which would include a kitchen extension. The planning permission granted required the walls to be built almost entirely of glass. The local quote I received was bonkers and after much research found Aluhome.... Their quote was more in line with what I had expected for exactly the same product. Working with Tim was a dream, their timing, delivery and installation was perfect and the product was exactly as discussed. There was a very small leak after some exceptionally heavy rains which they fixed with a smile as soon as the rains had stopped. All in all I couldn't be happier and highly recommend anyone give Aluhome a try. A big thanks to all the more
Kev YatesKev Yates
08:44 21 May 24
We couldn't be more thrilled with the products and service we received from Aluhome. In particular, Tim Armitage, was so helpful and informative, and he was determined to give us the very best product for our budget. The time spent in his office thrashing out the finer detail was not wasted, and... from start to finish we felt supported and guided at every stage. He even went above and beyond in offering advice on building companies, one of whom we ended up using, with stunning results. The installation team were fantastic - professional, always on time, and masterly in their work. The windows and doors were, to us, a vital part of our build, and even now, all these months later, we never tire of looking at them, knowing that we made the very best decision. The colour, thin profiles, and smooth workings are an absolute joy, they look so classy and beautiful. We put in extensive research online to get to Aluhome, and we will always thank our lucky stars that we did. Christine and Kev Yatesread more
Sarah WeldonSarah Weldon
12:01 19 May 24
After many discussions about whether to go for bifold or sliding doors, we are delighted that we chose these Sunflex sliding doors. The 20mm sight line makes a huge difference when they are closed but opening them creates a wonderful inside/outside feeling. Tim is most certainly a guru when it... comes to glass products and he clearly explained and demonstrated the quality of the sliding mechanism and the benefits of these doors. We thought we would need to have a double window over the sink but Tim informed us that if we made the window slightly smaller (150cm) he could provide us with a single pane window, giving a lovely uninterrupted picture view to the garden. He was very patient with our many questions and was keen to get it right for us. We had good communication from Anita who kept us well-informed of delivery and fitting dates. Aaron and his team of fitters did a great job and came back promptly to sort out one or two small issues. We are glad that we chose Alühome and highly recommend more
Will DixonWill Dixon
08:40 06 Apr 24
We are thrilled with our new doors. Tim provided a quick and simple buying process and was very easy to work with - the installation team were on time, efficient and very pleasant to deal with - all was completed in one day.
Rod HarrisRod Harris
12:47 28 Mar 24
We found Aluhome (don’t know how to do dots) on google, and what a find that was. If you want to work with a small independent business who take great pride in their product, service and reputation at a very fair price, you’ve come to the right place. Tim’s service is exceptional. He was ‘on it’... without being at all pushy – good sound advice and almost instant responses to queries, whatever time of day or night, as our spec changed. The skill of the survey and fitting was an absolute joy to watch. We couldn’t be more delighted with our Sunflex Bifold doors, with matching back door and kitchen window!read more
Jerry DoddJerry Dodd
15:24 27 Mar 24
During our research we visited 5 window replacement companies and 3 factories producing frames. After a visit to Aluhome we quickly established a good rapport with Tim, the director, whose knowledge and experience exceeded all we had experienced. He established a clear understanding of all of our... concerns and requirements, and reassured us they could meet them all.We are absolutely delighted with the windows and patio door. The quality of these aluminium frames, the powder coating and the ease of opening are all first class.We chose triple glazing at such little extra to the overall cost and it was well worth it.Aluhome have their own very competent and pleasant installation team. They are all very customer caring and reduced all the usual expected concerns we might have had.We are very happy to unreservedly recommend more
Donna WhiteDonna White
14:05 06 Mar 24
Brilliant service all round. Tim had so much knowledge regarding the doors and ordering was very easy. Aaron did the survey, again very knowledgeable and helpful with keeping me up to date with home visit. On the day of fitting guys on time, quick fitting, extremely clean and tidy and all rubbish... removed. My picture does not do the bi-fold doors justice. Would recommend to anyone and everyoneread more
Salam DanielSalam Daniel
06:31 28 Feb 24
Thank you Tim and your team at Aluhome for our stunning 20mm sunflex 5 sliding doors.Looking amazing great job.
Steven BrownSteven Brown
16:35 26 Feb 24
So glad we decided to switch from bi-folding doors from a different supplier to our amazing Sunflex SVG20 Triple track sliding doors through alühome! Worth every penny! Tim, Anita and the team were amazing from start to finish, even when we had a slight issue with the size of the large picture... window, a solution was found. The actual delivery and fitting was completed on a tight deadline and they came back and sorted a small problem quickly and professionally. Tim was always at the end of a phone to give advice and that was much appreciated! If only other window and door suppliers were this reliable! We are so delighted with the finished result and everyone comments on how amazing the view is through the huge windows! We can’t wait for the summer to enjoy opening up the doors into the garden! Thanks again alühome!read more
Kathryn NewellKathryn Newell
16:34 21 Jan 24
Tim knows his stuff when it comes to glass!We had been keen to use a local supplier, as we wanted the assurance of speaking to a professional and seeing the product beforehand ,so we could make the right choices for our build .We were not disappointed ! Tim and his team were able to answer any... queries we had and advise on on the best options for our needs.Installation was seamless.We are very happy with our new windows and sliding door.Mark and Kathrynread more
Justin BellJustin Bell
18:42 10 Jan 24
Great Product, cracking bunch of lads nothing was to much trouble for Aaron there lead fitter.
Basak HarwoodBasak Harwood
17:35 08 Oct 23
Amazing advice and service from the design phase through the installation phase and into after-sales. From the moment we engaged with Tim and the team we felt confident we were in professional hands. The ordering process and installation only confirmed our confidence. The whole team and the quality... of the product was, and is exceptional. We will, without a doubt, commission Tim and Aluhome again for further requests.Basakread more
Nicola HolmesNicola Holmes
20:28 20 Sep 23
Really pleased with our new Sunflex sliding doors, we went with one end fixed 3 pane option in the end in Black. It really finishes off our extension and gives us lots of light from the garden. Tim was really helpful throughout and always gave us advice and honest feedback when talking through the... options. The team of fitters were also great especially Aaron. Would highly recommend Aluhome and Sunflex sliding doors. Daniel and Nicolaread more
Lorrie McGowanLorrie McGowan
06:49 19 Aug 23
Once again Tim and the team have been superb! We are so pleased with the new Sliders! Aaron and team of fitters attention to detail is second to none. Well done and thank you.
paul wittenpaul witten
10:05 06 Aug 23
We recently had the pleasure of working with Tim and his team ,from start to finish ,the experience was nothing short of exceptional .Having Been in the construction industry for decades they meticulously installed sun flex sliders , doors and windows to our New Build Home ,taking their time to... ensure that every detail was perfect.upon meeting Tim in person we were both struck by his professionalism and commitment to deliver outstanding, results well done to all the Team.Paul & Michaleread more
Lesley CoombsLesley Coombs
16:47 01 Aug 23
Just want to say what a great after sales service Tim and his team supply.Had my lovely French doors fitted a couple of years ago and there was no hesitation in Tim sending out his team to sort out a small problem I had a couple of weeks ago. The guys are so lovely and friendly and really can’t do... enough for you, checking over other aspects of the doors too…..(even sorted the latch on my side gate!). They are a credit to Tim and themselves. Highly more
Jeremy LightfootJeremy Lightfoot
11:41 29 Jul 23
A really enjoyable experience, Tim and his team were a pleasure to deal with. We are really pleased with the new bi-fold doors, picture window together with the other windows they replaced. A premium quality product and service. They have transformed our home!
L ClipstonL Clipston
15:54 16 Jul 23
Can’t fault the service received from both Tim and the installation team. Have had the patio doors just over a year and absolutely love them. Wish we’d taken the time to research door suppliers at the beginning of our house build and used Alùhome rather than having an inferior product fitted by a... different company. We have had a small issue since having the doors fitted last year and Tim has dealt with this swiftly and with no fuss. Highly recommend Alù more
Karyn SlatterKaryn Slatter
20:09 09 Jul 23
To say we are chuffed with our new doors is an understatement! The level of service from the entire team has been fantastic. Tim’s sound advice ensured we got the right product and he kept in touch throughout the installation to make sure we were happy. The fitting team headed by Aaron were all... friendly, courteous and efficient- taking time to ensure everything was spot on and tidy before leaving. The doors look great. They have opened up the view and an added bonus is that the UV glass keeps our south facing room significantly cooler during the summer. It’s rare to find such great personal service these days and we’d highly recommend more
Jonathan FurzeyJonathan Furzey
13:50 26 Jun 23
Aluhome (Tim, Anita and the team) have been fantastic. We chose Aluco crital style doors to give our home a bit of an update and we haven't been disappointed. Their are many glazing manufacturers and resellers on the market and we visited a fair few before deciding we felt most comfortbale with... Aluhome. However, its really the aftercare that sets companies apart and Aluhome have gone above and beyond and we couldn't have asked for better customer care. We are so happy with our doors and should we ever move and need some new doors or windows, Tim and his team will be our first port of call without question. If you want to feel in safe hands and deal with a company that listens to what is a big investment to your home then we couldn't recommend Aluhome more
David StaffDavid Staff
15:59 19 Jun 23
As a return customer I am very happy to recommend this company.Tim has proved most accommodating and helpful, and instillation crews have been diligent and tidy. We have a quality product that is worth the price paid, compared to standard companies we have used in the past.
Year6 LeaversYear6 Leavers
16:28 18 Jun 23
Alühome, fitted and supplied our Schüco bifold and roof lantern. Tim, who sold the doors and roof lantern, was very knowledgeable and helpful. He took the time to understand our needs and made sure we chose the right doors for our home.The team of fitters were very professional and did a great... job. They were clean and tidy, and they took the time to explain everything to us.The doors are extremely smooth and easy to open. They let in a lot of natural light, and they have made our home feel much more spacious.We are very happy with our new Schüco bifold doors and roof lantern, and we would definitely recommend alühome to anyone looking for new doors or a roof lantern.Here are some additional details about our experience with alühome:We initially met with Tim in the showroom who showed us various different bifolds and discussed our requirements. He was very knowledgeable about the different types of doors available, and he took the time to answer all of our questions.Once we had decided on the type of doors we wanted, Tim put together a quote for us. The quote was very competitive, and it included everything we needed, such as the doors, roof lantern, installation, and a warranty.The doors and roof lantern were installed by a team of experienced fitters. They were very professional and efficient, and they cleaned up after themselves when they were finished.We are very happy with our new Schüco bifold doors and roof lantern. They are exactly what we were looking for, and they have made a big difference to our home.We would definitely recommend alühome to anyone looking for new doors and/or a roof lantern. They are a professional and reliable company, and they offer a great range of products at competitive more
Susan WallingSusan Walling
09:50 16 Jun 23
Several years ago after moving house we started on what has been a long journey of renovating our chalet style bungalow both internally and externally.From the very beginning we knew we needed to transform the external appearance of our property and that our windows choice was critical in... achieving the overall look we wanted. We had a vague idea of what might work well however in reality we were a million miles away from making a decision. Not only did we need to find a product which ticked all the boxes and could cater for a number of slightly larger existing window casements but also a supplier and installer who would carry out the installation on our stone and brick property to a high standard.After months of trawling around many different window companies and considering the finer details of numerous window profiles, we came upon alühome in Stamford.From the outset when we met the owner, Tim Armitage, it was clear that he was happy to spend whatever time was needed answering our questions and showing us the different window options. He was not only genuinely interested in our project but also clearly understood how important it was that we got our window choice right.After several visits to the showroom and discussions with Tim we became clear more and more confident that Tim and his team could deliver all that we hoped for and that our window investment would be in a safe pair of hands.As the months passed and our journey and relationship with Tim and Alühome continued, and well before we confirmed our order, Tim’s knowledge and experience became invaluable and it was with his support and guidance we made our decision to go with the Origin OW70 profile for our windows, a 4.8m Sunflex 3 panel sliding door, an Origin French door and an Origin back door.Almost 2 years after our first contact with Alühome our windows were installed in April 23. It has been a long journey but without any doubt Tim has consistently delivered in terms of his service and professionalism throughout. Understandably, and similar to all projects big and small, we have had bumps along the way we have needed to deal with, but each time Tim has done everything possible to accommodate and assist us.From the moment the first window went in we knew that we had made the right choice. The OW70 profile is slim, discrete and with the chamfered profile looks more like a traditional wooden frame window. The perfect style and look we wanted for our property and the colour RAL 7032 could not be better.I also can’t write this review without mentioning the installation team at Alühome. Aaron and his team were outstanding. Having different surfaces around our windows; stone, brick and lead, plus a number of different wall thicknesses, meant the setback of each window and how best to seal the edges needed to be considered. However, there was no need to worry, for each scenario there was a suitable option which Aaron was happy to show us and talk through. Aaron’s attention to detail is outstanding and this clearly shows in the quality and finish of our installation. A big thank you to Aaron and your team. You did a great job.Our project is not yet complete and our front door, also being supplied and fitted by Alühome, is still to be installed, so, at the moment we are yet to fully enjoy the benefits of our new windows and investment, however without any doubt we are truly delighted with our new windows. Along every step of our window journey Tim and his team have delivered beyond our expectation and shown us that they do care. We certainly made the right decision many months ago. A super big thank youread more
Nick WillisNick Willis
22:04 16 Mar 23
After struggling to find a supplier of aluminium sliding doors with integrated blinds that we wanted for our kitchen extension, I was very relieved to find Tim and Aluhome, who knew immediately that what we wanted was possible. From my initial email enquiry - that was answered within minutes - that... led to a conversation, then showroom visit and ultimately purchase and installation, we were in very capable hands. Overall, we’re very happy with our doors and feature window and wouldn’t hesitate to use Aluhome again and to recommend to more
Nick BNick B
19:39 27 Feb 23
Great support and service from Tim and the team throughout the process! After 2 difficult years with an East Midlands installation company trying to sort a sliding door, we approached Tim to ask for help in fitting a new sliding door to our bedroom. The team at Aluhomes took on the challenge and... the professionalism they displaced throughout the project was exemplary. From site audit to installation, all discussions were really professional and supportive. The installation team, led by Aaron were great on the day. Thank you Aluhomes - a top job!read more
Gary AskewGary Askew
12:27 06 Dec 22
Having spent many weeks searching for companies that could supply the design of doors we required for our recent kitchen renovation, we found Aluhome.From our the initial meeting with Tim in Stamford, we had every confidence that Aluhome would supply, deliver and install their products within our... budget and required timeline.After placing our order, the whole team worked closely with us to ensure their products met our bespoke requirements.Unfortunately, there were a couple of issues with some glass units during the installation but we are pleased to say these were actioned immediately with minimal impact to more
Guy LevershaGuy Leversha
11:47 12 Sep 22
Having settled on the design for a new extension to replace two old wooden conservatories we needed to extensively research the bi-fold doors, windows and lanterns as these accounted for a large part of our budget.We identified Aluhome as a company that supplied products from several different... manufacturers which gave us the opportunity to see and compare the various products in one place. Once we met Tim it was clear that he had a vast amount of knowledge and experience in this area and we were confident that he would ensure we selected the right products for our project. Once this had been achieved, we agreed a delivery schedule and installation date. Delivery was on time and Tim’s installation team were very professional and conscientious at all times whilst on site. Suffice to say that we are extremely happy with the products supplied and the whole buying experience in general – Thank more
Jackie HodgesJackie Hodges
18:55 31 Aug 22
From our initial consultation in the Aluhomes showroom in Stamford to the final sign off of the work this was a marvellous stress free experience in amongst the turmoil of our home extension. Tim has years of experience in the market and was very informative and helpful. Seeing full size examples... of the various products was also very helpful.Communication was good throughout the process and people turned up at their appointed times both for the site survey and actual delivery and installation. All work was carried out at the time agreed by a very professional and courteous team who were thorough and made sure we were happy with the final result.Our installation included two sets of sliding doors and three floor to ceiling windows with which we are exceptionally pleased. Malcolm and Jackie Hodgesread more
Dawn GreenDawn Green
17:08 30 Aug 22
As previous reviews mention the Aluhome team come very highly recommended.We spent a number of months researching the best products and companies for our renovation project. We had a vision in mind and Tim and his team have helped us create that vision - we are extremely pleased.We met Tim at... the Stamford showroom where we handed him the picture from a magazine - the vision! With Tim’s vast experience and knowledge in the glazing industry combined with his , enthusiasm, attention to detail and the quality of the products on show we felt confident to place our trust in Aluhome. Tim and his team have worked with us and kept us informed at every step on our journey. Tim worked with us to refine the design ensuring our budget could be met. The schedule for delivery and installation was constantly reviewed and updated inline with the builders schedule. The installation team, lead by Aaron, were a pleasure to have on site – they are friendly, professional with high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We had a particularly tricky entrance section - Tim and Aaron liaised with our builders and problem solved to come up with solutions.When undertaking a complex renovation project you don’t expect things to go right all the time - that’s real life. What makes Tim and his team stand out is that when obstacles arose they worked really hard to resolve them. The process was frictionless with Tim striving to provide a quality service and not settling until he was happy with the final product and ensuring we were also happy. This is a measure of a high calibre company and one you can have trust in.In summary : our experience is that Aluhome works as a respectful team placing their customers at the centre of the experience. They are a team that are extremely knowledgeable and experienced about the glazing industry and use only quality products. They are passionate about quality and have the skills to provide solutions to complex projects. They are also quite simply nice people with high standards and good more
Tom CasperTom Casper
20:36 07 Jul 22
Best in class - from the first meeting and through to the installation. Go straight to AluHome for top quality advice, products and installation services!I had done a lot of research about the challenges and horror stories involved when trying to design, source and install a set of sliding doors... for a large opening - while trying to maintain quality of product and installation throughout the process. I am so glad that I called Tim Armitage at AluHome! The quality of service was a delight.Tim’s extensive knowledge and experience in the industry allows him to guide you through the selection process and help you choose the best products for your project, sourced direct from the suppliers and then fitted by AluHome’s installation teams. Quality service throughout the process from start to finish.Tim was helpful every step of the way - through many phone calls, emails and viewing products at the showroom in Stamford we were able to finalise the design on a beautiful set of Aluminium Sliding Doors and Windows for our extension.Tim’s installation team were first class on the site survey and installation day. Aaron and the team of fitters were friendly, helpful, clean and tidy and throughout their time on site.There is a reason why AluHome have featured in ‘Grand Designs’ on several occasions. No matter how big or small your ‘Grand Design’ is, AluHome can make it a reality with peace of mind from start to finish. I will be back for more windows and doors in the future!read more
Robert BlanchardRobert Blanchard
14:00 07 Jul 22
Tim and the team were excellent throughout the process. Aaron,Chis and the team brilliantly installed the bifolds, front door and windows. They had a great eye for detail ensuring everything was done to the highest standard. Nothing was too much trouble and were all focused on producing an... excellent installation of all products. Very professional. They mentioned they would return if any problems or issues. Highly recommended and would definitely use them again in the more
Christine BrownChristine Brown
17:42 29 Jun 22
Making an investment and significant alteration to your home can be daunting and quiet confusing.We had considered other suppliers and had become confused but Tim clearly has a wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience that is totally reassuring. We were guided by him to buy the right... products for our home and we are delighted with them and the final result.His no nonsense approach and calm advice in the end made it a simple choice.The process was exactly how he outlined, the building work happened when he said it would happen and finished on time. We found there was a minimum of mess and disruption. His employees who came along to do the fitting are a pleasure to have around. We found them polite and respectful in our home.Aluhome had been recommended to us by someone with very high standards and I in turn can also recommend them and endorse those standards. I would be happy to show anyone in this process my finished projectThankyou Tim and all the team.Tim and Christine Brownread more
Chris GreenallChris Greenall
17:05 24 May 22
From the initial shop visit to check out our options right through to the installation the service and experience was easy and effortless, exactly what you would hope it would be. Tim talked us through the choices based on our plans and the aesthetic we were looking for to help us choose the final... product. This was followed by a site survey with two installers that took onboard every comment and request and couldn't have been more helpful explaining the process through. We were given plenty of notice for the install date to ensure we are ready on our side and then come the actual date it went exactly as planned. The operation of everything was fully explained and demonstrated, the installers confirmed everything before beginning and were incredibly clean and professional. We are absolutely stoked with the finished product and have been spurred onto finishing the extension. Thoroughly recommend and we will no doubt be back for a new front door in the not too distant more
Sarah CobleySarah Cobley
17:33 04 May 22
From start to finish aluhome have been brilliant. Great communication and informative advice in the initial enquiry, with excellent product knowledge from the sales team enabled us to choose exactly what we were looking for. Even with inevitable delays with manufacturing we were kept up to date all... the time from the friendly team. Attention to detail on survey ensured that our builder knew that he needed an extra level of brick to achieve the seamless flush finish on our sliding doors and the installation team have done a great job. We wouldn’t hesitate in using Tim and his team again and would definitely recommend them. We are more than pleased with the finished look. Thanks more
Hazel ChapmanHazel Chapman
20:02 27 Apr 22
We are extremely pleased with our new doors and windows provided by Aluhome. Tim and his team worked hard to ensure that everything went smoothly and the job was done efficiently and deadlines were met. The doors, especially, have transformed our home and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Philip KentPhilip Kent
16:35 20 Apr 22
If you are looking to buy new windows/ doors which I guess you are as you are looking at this review, aluhome is the place to go. From my first phone call & subsequent e mails with Tim we felt that we were dealing with a very friendly & efficient company. This was indeed the case when we visited... the showroom & were greeted with a lovely coffee. We didn’t any feel any pressure to buy but as we loved the product we did order there & then. The fitting team arrived promptly on the arranged day & were very friendly, polite & efficient & what’s more after they left my sitting room was beautifully clean, I thought that maybe I should offer them a cleaning job😀. After a few days we did have a slight problem with the door lock but after a quick word with Tim he sent a couple of guys out the following morning to fix it, you can’t get better service than that. Thanks to you all, we love our new sliding doors.Inboxread more
14:29 07 Apr 22
Tim and the team at aluhome were an absolute pleasure to do business with and our 6.5m sliding doors look amazing. The level of detail that Tim goes into inspires confidence and proves that you are dealing with a professional. Our Sunflex doors were a significant component in our build and... essential to making the whole project a success. Our close friends relied on our recommendation and are also trusting aluhome to provide the wow-factor to their home renovation project. Even after fitting the doors aluhome could still be relied upon to deal with a small, but significant, issue with the glazed units. This shows that aluhome care about their customers' happiness and is why I will continue to recommend them to friends and more
Mark RaymentMark Rayment
19:17 31 Mar 22
We spent a number of months researching the best products and companies for our complex renovation project. As soon as we met Tim at the Stamford showroom we were convinced the aluhome team would deliver the product set and installation service we needed for our project. Tim worked closely with us... to refine the products we wanted, to ensure our budget could be met and to create a delivery and installation schedule. When it came to installation the team, led by Aaron, were highly professional with an excellent attention to detail. In summary, Tim and his team are passionate and extremely knowledgeable about this industry. They provide truly bespoke solutions, collaborate very effectively with their clients and deliver quality every step of the more
Michael WensleyMichael Wensley
20:44 24 Feb 22
From the moment you walk into Aluhome you feel like you’re in safe hands. Top quality advice backed up by top quality products. They’re a pleasure to do business with and the bi-folding doors have transformed our home. Thanks Tim and team!
Rupert DeardenRupert Dearden
20:20 24 Feb 22
A great company to deal with. Excellent products and installation. Looking forward to living in our new home soon with fabulous views thanks to the Sunflex sliders.
Morwenna DavenportMorwenna Davenport
11:48 13 Jan 22
Tim provides very knowledgeable advice. He is definitely an expert in his field. His team fitting the sliding doors and windows are excellent. We are very very happy with the final results. Our sliding doors slide easily and look beautiful. I would strongly recommend this quality company.
Tony NicholsonTony Nicholson
21:52 22 Dec 21
Nothing but great things to say about everyone at Aluhome and our fantastic doors. Tim was great from the start, listening to what we really wanted and coming up with the perfect design/doors. Everything was installed to perfection by his team and we are extremely pleased with the end result. The... doors we have are great quality and exactly how we envisaged. I will definitely be recommending Tim and his entire team to all my more
Colin MedwynterColin Medwynter
00:05 20 Dec 21
After an awful experience with a previous installer, Tim and the Aluhome team were like a breath of fresh air, delivered exactly what they promised, doors were a little delayed due to the pandemic, but Tim kept us informed every step of the way, I have no hesitation recommending, the service and... quality workmanship was truly outstanding and that’s more than I can say for most of the other companies in this space, who seem intent on giving the industry a bad name, thanks again Tim, our front and back doors look and perform just as you more
Ian BetneyIan Betney
10:01 19 Dec 21
Bi-folds and a new front door installed by aluhome on a bitterly cold December morning. The whole experience was first class, we visited the shop in Stamford and Tim explained the options available - in language that we could understand. The install team were excellent, craftsmen who worked really... hard to make sure everything was perfect. We would definitely recommend Tim and the whole aluhome more
Ross KeymerRoss Keymer
20:53 29 Nov 21
A high quality service from start to finish. The show room is excellent and reassuring as this element is lacking with many companies. Tim's knowledge and advice was brilliant throughout. The customer service and communication provided by the whole team was great. Before confirming my order I was... told an installation date 6 weeks later. The bifold door and window were installed exactly when I was told. I know from experience that this rarely happens and this reliability made the build much easier. Tim's surveyor and fitters were all excellent. They were very professional and did a great job. I had a problem with a scratched pane and this was replaced quickly and without question which I was very pleased with. The door and window both look stunning. Exactly the look we wanted and they feel very high quality. We are very happy we went with Aluhome. Thank you guys!read more
Malcolm SmithMalcolm Smith
10:20 27 Oct 21
Nice showroom and good selection of quality products. Tim was able to offer good advice and assisted us with our choice. Installation team were brilliant and we are very happy with the end result.
Charles TwortCharles Twort
17:28 15 Oct 21
What a fantastic company! I had been searching for a specific configuration of interior and exterior doors and windows and was struggling to find them. Then, by accident I came across Tim's company. From the moment we started to communicated I knew who I wanted to work with. Tim's techncial... advice from choosing the right solutions, through to how to manage the site build requirements was second to none. The professionalism of his surveying and installers teams, didn't let me down in any department. Always professional, courteous, and tidy, while at the same time a pleasure to work more
Carl AmessCarl Amess
14:05 07 Oct 21
Exceptional company to purchase from, small enough to care but large enough to supply the sliding doors in a configuration we couldn't find anywhere else. Frame rebate was one of the smallest we could find with 3 extremely large doors that did not need to be fixed in any specific position when... open. We can know look out on our back garden and barely notice the doors. Tim and Anita are both Amazing and so are the guys that fit the Doors. Very happy to recommend!!read more
09:03 06 Oct 21
A completely: professional, knowledgeable, courteous team at Aluhome that we would wholeheartedly recommend.Customer service from start to finish has been exemplary.We would strongly recommend anyone who is in the market for new bi-folds to visit the showroom. As with other reviewers, it would... have saved us an enormous amount of time.We would emphasis the whole team, as from start to finish we have had a seamless experience.Our install was not without it’s technical challenges. Solutions offered up by other suppliers did not match our desires. Tim listened and took the time to understand what we ultimately were looking for. Combined with Aaron, they have provided a superb solution that matches our brief perfectly.Manufacturing timescales were explained and the forecasted install date was achieved as smooth as could be wished for.The install was also seamless. Aaron and the install team were again: professional, polite and took great pride in their work.We are now the proud owners of two sets of high-end, beautiful bi-folds, provided at a competitive price. We have worked with a truly professional company and are thankful we placed our trust in Aluhome as it has been completely repaid.Mike and Debbieread more
Anthony HolmesAnthony Holmes
22:18 19 Aug 21
Thanks to ‘Aluhome’ for first class (well Informed) advice with regard to the suitability of replacing our existing French doors with a Less obtrusive Aluminium framed Sliding Door system.What a difference! - the views into our garden now they are clear of window frame obstructions is... delightful. This coupled with more natural light to the interior, is another bonus.The installation was carried out by fitters who clearly knew their trade and with the minimum of inconvenience to us.We are happy to report that the finished job from appearance, practicality and quality, exceeded our more
Beth LoderBeth Loder
08:39 28 Jul 21
Tim and his amazing team have been a godsend during our extension project. His advice and friendly chats together with his highly experienced team of surveyors and fitters made the whole experience simple and hassle free. What he doesn’t know about his products isn’t worth knowing and we came away... from the showroom feeling knowledgeable and that we’d made a great informed product choice. A big thank you to the whole team, and I promise once the garden's done and the kitchen's in we will update our photos which currently I’m almost embarrassed to upload as they don’t do the bifolds justice at all! We love them, the light is amazing, thanks again Tim & Team!read more
rick daviesrick davies
13:07 24 Jul 21
Based on our recent experiences, we are happy to recommend aluhome. During a visit to their office and display room Tim was able to give a comprehensive description and assessment of all aspects of the door and windows we were thinking of installing (replacing 25 year old wood framed patio doors... and windows). The timing of delivery and installation was as predicted. The cost was more competitive than similar offers. The installation team were on time, friendly, competent and efficient. And they left the patio area as clean as it was beforehand. And we are now very pleased with our new patio door&window. Best wishes, Rick and Moread more
Lorna KavanaghLorna Kavanagh
18:25 23 Jul 21
A quick and professional job, from an experienced team who care. Tim took the time to understand the project and budget, you just can't beat face to face customer service. Aaron and Terry were reassuring and informative at every step and the install went very smooth. I always felt like I was in... good hands and nothing would be a problem. Thank you guys, I'll raise a glass as I enjoy my new view!read more
Emma PriceEmma Price
11:27 19 Jul 21
We used AluHome to design and fit steel-look replacement french doors and windows at the back of our house in central Stamford. Tim and the team at AluHome have been outstanding all the way through the process. They took time to understand our requirements and communication has been exceptional... throughout. There were no delays, the doors look wonderful and the installation team were prompt, knowledgeable and paid a high level of attention of detail. There is no need to look elsewhere, we strongly recommend Tim and the more
Claire GauntClaire Gaunt
21:27 12 Jun 21
Highly recommend.After searching the internet high and low for information about sliding doors, Aluhome were able to provide all the information I needed. From my first phone call I felt confident that they were the company I wanted to use.From start to finish the service has been second to none.
Mike FarrahMike Farrah
17:10 29 May 21
Great experience from start to finish. Tim was extremely helpful in assisting us with the initial enquiry for French doors and windows that needed a specific “U” grade for building regs. He invited us to the the showroom and gave us a thorough walk through of the products. The quality of the... product is second to none. Aaron - in charge of fitting- worked closely with our builder in terms of planning and measuring as well as giving some on site advice and recommendations.The provision and installation was on time with no issues and very professional.The French Doors now form the focal point of our kitchen extension and have really made the project.We highly recommend Tim and Aluhome!read more
michael dunfordmichael dunford
09:13 22 May 21
We are delighted with our new front door from Aluhome. Tim and his team were a pleasure to deal with throughout.
Kevin RileyKevin Riley
19:56 10 May 21
A big thank you to Aluhome and all their team. Fantastic service from the moment we contacted on a Sunday. From the solving of an issue we had (large opening and our wish to have 3 leaf), with doors new to the market and the overall quality of service and product. The 2 x bifolds and back door... are excellent and we are delighted. The attention to detail throughout is amazing. Thank you!read more
Jill DentJill Dent
08:51 04 May 21
We visited Auhome to help choose doors for our new extension. We met Tim who was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable and offered useful information to help me decide between sliders or bi folds. The showroom has a good choice of doors which again helped with our decision. I am delighted with... the Sunflex sliders we chose, they completely make our room, great quality and fitted expertly by the team. Thank you Tim and all at Aluhome in Stamford. I would thoroughly recommend more
Carrie ArmitageCarrie Armitage
09:54 21 Apr 21
Extraordinarily good looking aluminium windows; excellent service; fantastic fitters who were punctual, tidy and did a great job. Highly recommended and a great personal service from Tim.
Stuart BaileyStuart Bailey
10:49 10 Apr 21
We had decided to replace our old UPVC french doors with aluminium doors and had already researched different brands. Having decided that Origin was the right product for our house, we approached Aluhome for a quotation. From that point onwards the whole process was quick and efficient. We met Tim... at the showroom in Stamford who gave us excellent advice on options for glazing bars, handles etc.etc.We were happy with the price and delivery was much quicker than we had expected with good communication throughout.Fitters Aaron and Terry were a pleasure to deal with where nothing was too much trouble. They were careful and tidy at each stage and had all of the right tools and equipment to do a good job.Any issues during the installation were dealt with professionally and quickly to our satisfaction.Overall a really good experience and well pleased with the more
Simone LynchSimone Lynch
13:56 25 Mar 21
A warm welcome at the showroom in Stamford which has a range of products on show. We were shown the options available to us as we were looking to buy bifold doors. We were advised on what would suit us best and the various options available as regards colour, handle options etc. They were fitted... very quickly and although we had a couple of issues they were dealt with quickly and efficiently by Tim. Very pleased with our doors and the service from Tim and his fitters. Would more
Joy BatesJoy Bates
10:08 23 Mar 21
AluHome fitted all new windows, including two sliding doors to our unusual 1960's house.Response to our initial contact was very prompt and we decided to visit their fabulous showroom in Stamford where we were made very welcome and received excellent technical advice, helping us to make our final... decision.Communication has been brilliant throughout with Tim the owner. The fitters Aaron and Terry were a pleasure to deal with - nothing was too much trouble. We had some issues due to the quirky nature of our house but these were dealt with efficiently and without fuss.We are very happy with our windows - the transformation is amazing.Thank you team AluHome!read more